WE FAILED OUR KIDS! March 14, 2018 WALK OUT! It’s time to get INVOLVED

March 20, 2018

AM 1220 KDOW Money 2.0 Business On the Edge radio Bay Area's #1 Small Business Radio Personality Margaret Jackson shares her passion and voice on getting involved with stopping gun violence in schools.  In this riveting appeal to the business leaders and a harsh reality check that "WE HAVE FAILED OUR KIDS!" and now our kids are sounding the alarm.  It is time to respond.  


Show Guests Include:

Gary Plummer retired NBA Golden State Warrior

Elliott "the Great" Anaya - EmCee for the High School All Star Games Oracle Arena March 25, 2018 

Students or local Bay Area Schools share their voice on school & campus safety

Small Business Concierge segment High School All Star Game Oracle Arena